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KOOLAIDS is a wildly imaginative tour de force -- impressive, stunning.  Alameddine's is the authentic voice of the prophet, speaking from the man-made wilderness of the late 20th century.  Like all great prophets he speaks with equal parts of anger and love, in a crazy-quilt, Kundera-meets-Kushner narrative juxtaposing America’s AIDS wards and the terrorist battlegrounds of Lebanon.  Dark and funny and despairing and literate and finally, in its unvarnished truth, affirming: Amid all the craziness, I am here.  We are here. 

--Fenton Johnson

An extraordinary literary debut, this book is about the AIDS epidemic, the civil war in Beirut, death, sex, and the meaning of life. Daring in form as well as content, KOOLAIDS turns the traditional novel inside out and hangs it on the clothesline to air.

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